We frequently release new ranges of certified paddy seeds that meet the business and environmental objectives of our customers. We hold ourselves accountable as a high quality manufacturer by adhering to the global and national standards of farming and manufacturing practices.

Cultivation techniques that preserves natural resources.

The relationship between rice farming and soil has always been a complex one. In the past, rice fields are continuously flooded without an adequate drying period, leading to negative effects on other chemical and biological processes within the soil.

What’s worse, wetland soils also produce greenhouse gas. To nomadic farmers, this isn’t an issue; to career farmers and our Earth, it’s a big one.

Seri Merbok has worked tirelessly with the government to educate farmers on cleaner, better farming practices. As of today, we have traveled to major paddy towns such as Sungai Besar, Pasir Puteh, Tiga Dereah, and Lana Bulu to conduct seminars and consultation to our clients, the local farmers.

Managing by-products safely

Every day, our research department comes closer to the next best waste management system.

Seri Merbok has a target: to empower all rice and paddy farmers to practice low-impact by 2030. Our goals are ambitious, but we believe in our people. The future is ours.