Paddy Seed Drying and Storage

Seri Merbok produce certified seeds that meet the needs of our local farmers. Upon arrival to our processing plants, we remove all moisture from the paddy seeds so that the milling and storage process runs smoothly. Every bag that exits our warehouses is scrutinously examined to ensure quality yield of crop in the next harvest.

We also provide world class storage facilities. Part of what makes our paddy seeds reliable is the way we dry and store them. Through state-of-the-art equipment and ISO-compliant storage facilities, the seeds reach our farmer partners in pristine condition, just the way we intended them to be.

Harvesting Services

As we grow corporately, Seri Merbok is investing in large-scale harvesters to collect a steadily increasing yield efficiently. With this investment, Seri Merbok is able to accelerate harvesting, a time-sensitive process conducted biannually.