From Pioneer to Game-Changer

Rice plays a key role in the lives of Malaysians because rice is a big part of our national identity. That is why we are committed to produce rice products are farmed, harvested, processed and delivered in a way that we can be proud of — because we bear the pride of our nation.

20 years on, Seri Merbok is still standing on the front line, partnering with all stakeholders to create products, programs and seminars, benefitting thousands of farmers nationwide by raising the standards of paddy farming.

Because the crop we grow, we grow for the nation.

Sustainability in the Future

We are re-affirming our commitments to improve our environment, enrich the lives in our community, and nurture our people. We’ll complement them with short-term and long-term initiatives which will be detailed in our downloadable sustainability reports. Our goal is to progressively reduce our carbon footprint, increase community service efforts, and create an exemplary working environment in every department by 2030.

Transparency is key in accountability. We’ll also share the progress on our initiatives in detail, annually.

Because the crop we grow, we grow for the nation.

Sustainability Progress Infographics

Explore our sustainability efforts to see how we are powering agriculture sustainability, the progress we have made, and how we will continue to do so in the years to come.


We maintain a bilaterally beneficial partnership with our community.

We promote mutual respect and a deep relationship with our farming partners through interactive training, new infrastructures and an open, honest communication channel. Seri Merbok is committed to enhancing the livelihood of our community, because they are the backbone of our business.


We are unceasingly optimising paddy cultivation practices every day.

To keep up with our growing production, our R&D team is striving to make great strides in changing the way we cultivate paddy. We want to make sure that we are healing the environment as we move forward.


Fairness is at the center of everything we do.

We are championing our community by prioritising fairness in all of our business affairs. At Seri Merbok, our farming partners and corporate team are treated as equals. We support every member of our organisation respectfully through employee rights and welfare.