our community
like family


Our community is like family to us.

Seri Merbok is what it is today because of the community that surrounds us. From farmers to marketers, to the floor personnel and hygiene contractors at our facilities, we play a significant role in their lives through career opportunities and our CSR programmes.

Speak to any member of the neighbourhoods around our facilities, and they will share with you about the tightly-knit relationships we have formed with our community

Investing in our society

Many locals are employed at Seri Merbok and our other plants across Peninsular Malaysia. That is why we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously; every programme could potentially enhance the lives of our employees in ways money can’t buy.

Fighting poverty through education

The greatest achievement a parent can ever have is to see their achievements become their children’s launchpad. We are determined to improve the outlook of the families in our community by giving their children a great start in life through education.

With the help of the Ministry of Education, Seri Merbok has helped launch Tabika Kampung Pinang, an early education centre in Kedah. This centre is closely supervised by KEMAS (Community Development Department) and Jabatan Perpaduan (Department Of National Unity And Integration).

To increase the marketability and employability of local graduates, Seri Merbok accepts interns via Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ, formerly known as SL1M).

Through this programme, we provide soft-skills and on-the-job training to local graduates, especially those from underprivileged families. At the end of the programme, these graduates would have developed personal master at a leading agricultural company, and gained insightful experience through accelerated work-based learning.

We have also taken the opportunity to enhance the facilities of various schools around us. Through our CSR programmes, we built new a new surau for SK Kebun Pinang and SK Darul Hikmah, respectively.