Rice Processing

Beyond our quality paddy seeds, we also process rice for many local distributors and sellers. All of our paddy and rice are being processed under a hygienic structure which includes paddy cleaning, destoning, dehusking, and grading before the rice is packaged for distribution.

Rice Branding

We source and pack rice from our agricultural partners under our distinguished brands to provide income avenue for local farmers and entrepreneurs.

Seri Merbok imports high-quality rice from Thailand to meet the demands of our local consumers’ increasing demand for variety and quality.

Distributing & Logistic

We also provide distributing services to our farming partners and marketers in Central and Northern Malaysia. Leveraging on our broad network and decades of geographical knowledge, our logistics arm operates out of our Alor Setar headquarters and our new warehouse in the Klang Valley.

Biomass Briquetting and Pelletising Plant

Paddy farming has a huge footprint on our environment.. That is why at Seri Merbok, we strive to strike a balance in our agricultural practices, as a part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The by-product of paddy-growing is rice-husk. To ensure that the by-products of our business doesn't stay as waste forever, Seri Merbok produces biomass fuel pellets.

These biomass pellets changed the way we look at our by-products forever. Today, our briquetting and pelletising plant turns enough waste materials into a reliable and environmental source of energy that we can sell to generate revenue and provide other corporations with high-quality biofuel.

Through biomass, we are transforming our waste into something useful and empowering others to reduce their carbon footprints as well.